Maintenance Issue?

Are you in a bind? Is something wrong and you’re not sure what? We have some helpful hints for you here!


To get the best service out of your AC unit, and to keep you from getting charged, you need to change your filter often. Especially around here with all of the dirt in the air! HERE and HERE are two helpful videos on how to change an AC filter.


Is your toilet constantly running, and therefore running up your water bill? Toilets are an easy fix! Watch THIS to help you DIY!

Is your toilet, or sink running and won’t stop and you are on the verge of a flood? HERE and HERE are some helpful videos on how to use the water shut offs around your sinks, toilets, washer & dryer, and sometimes the house has a main shut off to turn off the entire house.


A lot of times, many electrical issues can be fixed by checking the breaker box. Sometimes breakers are inside, sometimes they are outside by the electrical meter. Storms with a lot of lightning can cause breakers to trip, or excessive electrical use on any particular breaker. Watch THIS video on how to check and reset breakers.


Are only some of your plugs not working? Like only the kitchen or bath are out, but everything else is fine? Or even 1/2 of your house has stopped? It is probably a GFCI (or GFI) breaker. HERE is a video explaining how they work, and why. HERE is another video explaining GFCI Breakers.

They are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, but sometimes outside on plugs, or under kitchen sinks. Sometimes the plug with the breaker is in the OTHER bathroom, or kitchen. Just because the bathroom plugs are out doesn’t necessarily mean the GFCI breaker are in that bathroom. Check all GFCI plugs!



We have a LIST OF CONTACTS of people who are willing to do yard work for hire.  These are people who contact our office and are looking for work, we do not recommend any of them.  This list is just to help give you some contacts of people who might do some work less expensive than what others might charge.  If we need to add or remove anyone from this list, please let us know.  HOMESPOT has a summer yard crew who you can also contract with to set up your yard for routine care.  If you would like to get set up on a routine schedule, please contact us at

Are there other household issues that you think we need to address? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!


Did this not answer your question?  Please SUBMIT A WORK ORDER HERE!

Still need help?  Please call our Maintenance Hotline at 575-233-7800 from 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday